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Archana is well nourished and studying hard

Dear Junghwan, Don, Explorers, Sarah, Lowry, Jamie & Jeff, James, Jeffrey, Jerame, Katherine, and Lee,

14-year old Archana is the oldest of five children. Her family is extremely poor, because her father is an alcoholic who spends the majority of the money that he earns working as a roadside metal worker on alcohol. As he only earns about Rs 1500 ($35) a month in total, often only about Rs 500 ($12) is left for household expenses every month. Archana is in Grade 9 and is on track to graduate from 10th grade (the end of secondary school) next year, which will make her the first person in her entire extended family to receive any sort of education at all, let alone graduate from high school!

Archana is an extremely bright student and does well in school, despite the lack of guidance and support from her parents, because she receives daily assistance from the Ashraya Initiative for Children (AIC). AIC sponsors her and her siblings’ education, clothes, transportation to school, tutoring  etc.

As a part of this support, AIC provides daily meals for Archana and the other children in the program.  Archana receives a packed meal to school, eats again when she arrives back at AIC’s Education Center after school, and has the option of taking food home with her after tutoring. Although these nutritious meals are important for all the children in the program, for Archana and her siblings, they have truly made the difference between  good health and malnutrition. As Archana approaches the most important year of her academic career thus far, she is thankful to receive daily meals and knows that she is well on her way toward a brighter future.

Your gift of a month of meals each, Junghwan, Don, Explorers, Sarah (x2), Lowry, Jamie & Jeff, James, Jeffrey, Jerame, Katherine, and Lee,will ensure that Archana continues to receive three balanced meals a day for an entire year. The meals include chapati (flat bread), bhaji (cooked vegetables), boiled eggs, fresh seasonal fruit, yogurt and several other items.

Thank you, Junghwan, Don, Explorers, Sarah, Lowry, Jamie & Jeff, James, Jeffrey, Jerame, Katherine, and Lee, for coming together to ensure that Archana continues to enjoy good health.

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